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October 23, 2015

SEO Vs Content Marketing

SEO Vs Content Marketing

At previous weeks, we have been introduced on “SEO Content Types” and some of the definitions around them, I would elaborate further more on “SEO and Content Marketing” as part of the content strategy.

Some arguments would be based on whether SEO and Content Marketing should be the same entity or they should be separated, since SEO would be more niche and technical, while content marketing would be broader and more holistic, but when come into overall implementation in SEO Content Strategy, they’re overlapped. To apply good SEO in your content strategy, you must get to know what would be the nature for them.

1) SEO is all about technical requirements, rules and guidelines. (what we used to call best practices)

a) A successful SEO content marketing strategy would be fulfilled all the necessary points.

2) SEO required to have more and more natural and good content to be stay competitive.

3) SEO emphasized a lot on keywords, whether you need to have an in depth keywords research for your content, make sure your content marketing worked perfectly on top of SEO keywords planning.

4) SEO needs to have strong back links on securing the ranking performance, but that need to be embed in the killer content, since only good content can attract more back links from other.

5) Content Marketing would be more weighed in UX and usability perspective, but is there any conflict with SEO point of view? Since SEO required technical optimization and runs through on some SEO-friendly check list. Think from here, if your HTML coding not that lengthy and messy, Search Engine Bot would be more than happy to index your pages efficiently. If your content is not attractive and miss out of points, your readers would never visit your site again, it’s the same!

6) Both SEO and Content Marketing require to be fit into long term marketing approach, thus both of them need fresh and consistently updated content. Your users would get bored with old content as well as Search Engine robot, so please make sure the content freshness to be one of the on-going task.
As a conclusion, nowadays SEO without proper content strategy would be forever fail; a complete content marketing strategy should be always put SEO as one of your guidelines, without SEO, even you have superb content, if fail to be indexed by search engine or in poor ranking performance, you’re gonna lost a lucrative number of visitors! (Take note that Visitors=Traffic, Traffic=possible Revenue)
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