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October 23, 2015

Seven Content Ideas to Help Improving Your Organic Ranking

Seven Content Ideas to Help Improving Your Organic Ranking

Seven Content Ideas to Help Improving Your Organic Ranking:

1) Always provide related information(make relevant): when your audience tries to search some queries on your site, always make sure your internal search directory or listing be friendly and updated, people like to visit more to those sites who have provided more relevant information.

2) Always give feedback or response, and try to write them in an article: Let say if you’re running a ecommerce site, you found out that there is number of customers asking about how to set up on some gadgets, give them a helping hand, try to compile those set up guide or operating guide into an article. By continuously create new articles or guides, definitely your content freshness score would goes up as well as your organic ranking.

3) Always Blogging: There are plenty of benefits while you’re running a good and content rich blog at your site. Firstly, definitely it would drive more traffic to your site, and increasing the number of return visitors. Secondly, it’s part of the content strategy, you may update your blog once a week to make your site look fresh and keep up to date, Google would like it so much!

4) Always try to provide not only vertical information but also horizontal information: You may share more information about similar industry info or similar service info, by providing those information, indirectly you’re attracting those searchers from other interest group when they search for similar industry keywords, and definitely this would broaden your current searchers segment.

5) Always putting case study or testimonial for your King products or services: Allocate your time and resources in creating case study or getting testimonial from your clients/users, this would not only value add to your current King products or services, it would generate more trust and return traffic from your existing visitors when they want to introduce your offers to the new visitors.

6) Always create some top 5 list or top 10 list: People like the Top List suggestion, continuously publish some “Top 10 or Top {number} List” would definitely catch the eyeballs and boost up your organic traffic, when you’re hitting the most hot topic with your Top List, your article could go viral beyond your imagination.

7) Always remember to do some keywords research before decide the title for your post or article: please use the Google Keywords Planner or similar keywords research tool before you crafting for your catching title, especially when you’re gonna put that in your title tag area, since this is the most effective way to boost up your organic traffic at zero cost. When you’re knowing some keywords are just too jargon for your audience, why not using more layman term with higher search volume for your title? Unless you’re purposely use that kind of specify jargon or term for your target professional group.
Lastly, please remember that all the content strategy is designed for long term practice, while you’re stop creating something useful or value added for your audiences, your organic visibility would definitely dropping and followed by your traffic.

Thank you for reading.

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